Who We Are

Jayarani Sparklers is India's one of leading UNICORN brand manufacturers and suppliers of Sparklers. The Sparklers manufacturing unit is situated in Veerarpatti near Sivakasi, Southern part of India and it was established by Mr. V.Srinivasagam in 2010 with a Vision to manufacture "QUALITY" Sparklers. The catalyst of our success is the constant support and guidance of our founder. His able and efficient leadership have a niche in the industry and to hold the consistency of our success, ever since our brand had developed as a quality trusted one. We stand out in a crowd as our team consists of a Skilled Work Force, Diligent and Dedicated Staff Members to deliver the products within the promised time frame.

We want our products to bring cheer to the celebrations of the people across the globe. We have been growing steadily and occupying a remarkable position in the domestic and overseas markets, because of our reliable quality to our valuable buyers at affordable prices. Our Brand Unicorn sparklers are available in different lengths and size for colorful exhibition of joy and happiness. We manufacture 7 cm Sparklers, 10 cm Sparklers, 12 cm Sparklers, 15 cm Sparklers, 30 cm Sparklers, 50 cm Sparklers, etc. Today, Jayarani employs sufficient workers full-time, year round employee’s in manufacturing unit. During its peak manufacturing season, our production capabilities reach large volume of sparklers per day.

Quality Policy


For our Customer's Satisfaction, we at Jayarani Sparklers, are committed to supply Quality Product on agreed terms at reasonable cost.

Quality Objectives

  • Always tends to be ranked number one in SPARKLERS in the world by our Customers, Audiences and Suppliers, by providing excellence in Customer Service, Quality Product, and Safety Standards.
  • Achieving the leading edge in creativity. Always try to create a healthy work culture for our human resources.
  • Timely dispatch.
  • Always try to hold the price line.

Why Us

  • Our exceptional service
  • Superior Product - We use only high quality Sparklers in our shows. You will see a wide variety of effects and colors in Jayarani Sparklers display.
  • We buy our products directly from the manufacturer - This means, we pay less for our high quality products. You won't see Jayarani Sparklers thrifty on the quantity or quality of the Sparklers in your show.
  • We have our own storage facility - With our own approved storage facility, we can keep our fireworks in stock and be ready for a show at any time.
  • Our Finales - Nobody does a Grand Finale like Jayarani. Our stunning finales are colorful and spectacular. You really have to see one to appreciate it.

Safety Tips


Sparklers are a mixture of hardened chemicals on a wire or a stick. Unlike firecrackers, they burn slowly because of the proportions of the chemical mix. While they're easy to buy, light and fun to watch, they can also be dangerous. Be sure to adhere to these safety tips from the National Council on Fireworks Safety. Find out if fireworks including sparklers are legal in your city and state. Don't cross borders to buy them if they're not.

If sparklers will be used by children under the age of 12, supervise them carefully and teach them these safety tips

  • Sparkler holders should be standing up, not sitting down.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes; definitely not flip flops, when you’re handling sparklers.
  • Give each child her own individual sparkler and then light it, don’t pass an already lit sparkler.
  • Lighting more than one stick at a time can be dangerous.
  • Everyone using a sparkler should be at least six feet from one another.
  • While it may seem festive to wave a sparkler, that’s a big no-no.
  • Sparklers aren’t batons. Never toss or throw them.
  • The stick can remain hot long after the flame is gone, so it should be disposed of in a bucket of water.